OK, so I know it is not Monday and that this Mac Tweak is a little late but…

Have you ever wanted to rename a bunch of files in bulk? Like a bunch of music or photo files that you want to name and number in a certain order? Well, it would normally take hours of “click, hold, rename” futzing around that no one really has the time for. Especially if you have a whole bunch of them.

Next time download and use this cool little utility called Renamer.From the applications website:

Renamer4Mac makes it really easy to rename a big number of files according to a preset pattern. It lets you rename your files in many different ways:

• Search & replace
• Insert/overwrite of text
• Number the files
• Convert upper/lowercase

All can be done with an easy user interface and real-time preview, so you can see how the files will be named just while you’re configuring!

It is donationware so, if you find it useful (as I have recently) throw a bone or two their way.