In a previous post, I noted that I was using my iPod to hold and retrieve my contacts while out and about. I have found that it’s as quick as using my Palm Tungsten T2 to do the same thing. This got me thinking, since the only reason I am using my Palm is to access my schedule, then why not sync my Now Up-to-Date data to the iPod, some key notes that I need to access to and see if I can just use that for all of the functions I was using my Palm for. It also means having one less device to carry around.

Therefore, I am going to do it. I will place the Palm on it’s charger starting today and will use my iPod for the remaining things I was using my Palm for. It is my hope that I can prove to myself once and for all that I really don’t need it anymore and that I can do just fine with the iPod, my Moleskine and Backpack for reminders (since the iPod alarm is much too short and quiet for me to hear).

Check back at the end of the week to see the results.