Today I officially launch, this, my new personal website. Some of you have already had sneak previews but now the site is officially done and open to everyone. I invite you to come take a look. This will be the new home of my online weblog/journal and I will be expanding the content over time. This new weblog will replace Macinstuff, the weblog formerly hosted on the servers of Carleton College. I am still in the (slow) process of reposting content from my previous blog and fixing the cross links between the posts so do bear with those URLs that still link back to Macinstuff.

A special thanks goes to my good friend Michael Armstrong who was instrumental in bringing the vision and look of the new site to reality.

Another special thanks goes to my love, Bethany. Without her generosity and support, I would not have had the time I needed to get the site up and running so quickly. This was especially true this past Saturday, when a scheduling mistake on my part meant I was not able to help her with an important event. Thank you so much for being, well, everything.

I do not have a comment section on the journal yet so, please, send e-mail to patrick -at- (replace “-at-” with “@”) and tell me what you think. I would really love to have your feedback.