OK, I am secretly envious of my friend Rodney. Rodney goes hiking, camping, rock climbing and is generally outdoors whenever he has the opportunity. When Rodney’s job sends him off to far away places or he goes somewhere to visit friends, he does not spend his off time in the hotel or the local chain restaurant. He finds the nearest trails and he conquers them. I admire that.

See, back when I was younger, I was into hiking and rock climbing and such. A regular boy scout was I. Now as I have become older, and I have less time and opportunity, I am more inclined to spend the few free moments I have trying to take a nap rather than taking a good hike and experiencing light other than the glow off of my computer screen. I do not tolerate heat as well. I sweat profusely at the slightest activity performed in temperatures above seventy. I am not in the same shape I was 20 years ago, that is for certain.

Still, it is my hope that one day, when the weather has cooled, when I have a little extra cash for some decent hiking shoes and when I have a day on the weekend I can spare, Rodney will give me a call and say “Wanna take a hike?” That would make my day.