The theme for this week seems to be:


Next up in my quest to carry less is my “wallet”. The reason for the quotes is that it is not really a wallet but a card case. Having lived in the big bad east coast, where pick-pocketing borders on olympic sport, I have learned to carry everything in my front pockets. For years I have carried around my ious cards in a card case of some sort. My current model is metal and clear plastic and the lid is attached by an elastic bungie style system. I do like it and it gets attention whenever someone notices it while I am out (“What is that?”).

The problem (and perhaps benefit) is that, due to the metal body of the case, I have a limited and inflexible amount of space and therefore a finite number of items it can hold. Still, I have managed to pack this thing to the hilt with all sorts stuff. Not just the stuff I need to but all sorts of things I could just as easily have in a separate holder in my car. Discount cards, coffee punch cards, gas punch cards, membership cards, you get the idea. None of these items do I need to keep in my pocket constantly. Therefore, it is time to once again “get real”.

I have cleaned it out and here are the only things I really need:

1) Drivers License
2) Check Cards (I have two as I have two regularly used bank accounts)
3) College Staff ID
4) Insurance Cards (Auto, Medical and Dental the total of which equal one credit card in thickness)

I will keep the rest in a separate case in my car and access when needed.

Next up, doing something about that anchor of a computer bag I carry.