Pencil Revolution

I have always admired those that use pencils. I have never really liked them, not even as a kid. Unless a pencil is very sharp, I can’t stand the way it feels when I am writing. Not sure if I can describe it any better than that. Pencils do have several advantages over pens though. They don’t run out, they don’t leak, they are erasable, they are waterproof, I could go on. Don’t just take my word for it. After all, I don’t use pencils. Instead, listen to the folks at Pencil Revolution. They love pencils and have a lovely blog all about them. If you are a pencil freak, this is pr0n of the highest order.

A Thousand Words

Yesterday, Michael and I added a photo section to the site. This is to share my favorite photos, which I hope to update very regularly, and to give a visual glimpse into my life, loves and interests. I am also hoping that this, along with the purchase of a new camera (Canon SD400), will spur me into taking pictures more often and improving my photographic skills.

Out of Sorts

I have just been so out of sorts lately. Hard to focus. Too many lists and I seem to have lost trust in my system of keeping it all together. All my thoughts are scattered like a game of 52 pickup. Hence the lack of posts. I am just not quite feeling myself lately. I plan on having some “me” time this weekend to try to get things together. Maybe I will work on trying to get my my system back in order. Maybe I will just sleep.

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