After some culling of my bookmarks, here are some items of interest that I thought would be good to post up here. Enjoy…

The Noguchi Filing System – A very interesting filing system that uses large envelopes instead of folders. Also, it is sorted based upon frequency and time of use rather than alphabetically.

Textpander – Allows you to create short abbreviations that expand into text snippets when you type them. For instance, type “ily” and get “I love you”. Formated, unformatted, images too. If you type certain things over and over it is a godsend.

Lifehacker: Professional E-mail Tips – Great e-mail tips that should be followed by all. Good companion piece to Merlin Mann’s Sensible E-mail post.

Hello Dollar – A really good blog about saving, investing, eliminating debt and all of those other things we should all be doing more of.

The “Not Insane” To-Do List – Have to much to do? Having a hard time getting it all done? How about just getting just three things done and letting the rest wait.

GMail Tips – If you use Google’s GMail, here is the largest collection of tips and tricks I have seen to date.