Part of The Flock

I am testing out a new web browser called Flock. It is based on Firefox/Mozila so the bones are well tested and reliable. They are taking it to the next step and including some really cool features to take advantage of this blog-centric, social bookmarking, photo sharing sort of Web 2.0 world we are in. There is a very good review of it over at Solution Watch that can be found here:

Flying with the Flock » Solution Watch

So far I am just playing around with the blogging features (hence this post) and still need to get it configured a little (which means spending some time with it that I do not have) but I like it so far. It is not a publicly available browser yet but should be released soon. I will post my review shortly after that occurs.

Your Two Cents

If you have not already noticed by the little red comment links beneath the posts, I have finally gotten comments enabled on the site. There is still a little work yet to be done. For instance the “Thank you for your post” page needs to be prettied up to match the site. Otherwise, things should just work. Please feel free to put your two cents in on anything that strikes your fancy.

The Diamond Business

As someone who has recently shopped for a diamond ring (Yes, Ms. Bethany knows as we went together), I find this article, titled “Have You Ever Tried To Sell a Diamond” by Edward Jay Epstein on the history, tactics and underbelly of the diamond business especially fascinating. One thing I can say, some people’s idea of one, two or three months salary clearly makes me eligible for food stamps.

(Special thanks to Michelle for sending this my way… And for her advice to “just do it”.)

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