In a post that I am sure was done with my very own Bethany in mind (who excels in the art of finding such treasure), Merlin Mann posts about a recent Mark Morford article on de-cluttering. As many know, I am a huge proponent of getting rid of stuff that I don’t need. I often say that my three best productivity tools are the trash can, the delete key and the word “No”. Here is a quote:

San Francisco’s culture of “urban recycling” is real and it’s very cool. Obviously, stuff left on the street gets picked up, but don’t delude yourself Sister Suburb: it’s not just hobos, methheads, and The Sand People snatching up your goodies. We all pick stuff up off the street.

Madeline and I know people whose whole (fancy overpriced) house was mostly furnished by “junk” from someone’s curb. And the beauty part is, when you tire of it, you just stick it on your own curb, and the music goes round. You lose your clutter, gain some space, and make some anonymous Citizen a little happier.

Mark Morford on de-cluttering (and the SF reuse culture) | 43 Folders