Best Backpack Feature Ever

Well, this was the one feature that I prayed that Backpack would have one day and the gods at 37 Signals have finally answered. I already use Backpack quite a bit but this will improve my org-fu significantly…

You asked for it and we delivered (finally). You can now add multiple lists on a single page. When you add multiple lists to a page you are prompted to name the lists so you can keep them organized. If you only have one list you won’t be asked to name it. If you email list items to a page they will be added to the top list. And, as a bonus, you can even drag items between adjacent lists. If you have multiple lists on a page, clicking the “reorder” link on one list will also reveal the drag handles for the list above and below it as well.

Backpack: NEW FEATURE: Multiple lists on a page and more

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