A New Year

The end of this year pretty well sucked for Princess Bethany and I. Bethany’s mother, Queen Mary Lou – Ruler of Big House and Pool, passed away on Christmas day after a two year fight against colon cancer. She went into the hospital on the 12th and Bethany and I knew fairly soon that she would not be coming out. We spent the several days leading up to Christmas holding a round the clock vigil by her side. A very slow, painful, protracted goodbye. We only had occasional breaks to run home and take a shower. The one day we tried to go Christmas shopping it quickly turned into “funeral shopping” going store to store to help find Bethany a black dress. The days following her passing were spent preparing for an informal gathering at her house. We really wanted to make sure to get friends and family together before the close of the year so that 2007 would not begin on a sad note.

During times like these, GTD goes out the window. My only next action has been being at Bethany’s side doing all I can to help with any task I can. My only project has been trying to keep her from imploding despite her having every reason to do so. Someday, maybe things will get back to “normal” and she will not cry herself to sleep every night.

This is not too say that 2006 has not had it’s many ups as well. I mean, the best day of my life was on June 15th, 2006. The traffic to my humble little section of the web has grown significantly thanks to being featured on 43 Folders and elsewhere. Heck, some of my personal web heros such as Chris Messina and Jason Fried have commented on posts. How cool is that?

But that is all behind us now. The holiday breaks are coming to an end. For many of us that means back to the grinds of work and life and back to the struggle of dealing with even more “stuff”. In my next series of posts, I aim to help with that. For now, have a good time, drink some good drink and let all that stuff rest. It will all be there tomorrow.

Remainders 12.27.2006

DIY Planner has a great starter guide for those interested in getting into fountain pens. I have always been tempted into getting one of these. The temptation has been especially recently as I have made a personal goal to do more journal writing. I actually had to close my browser and walk away from my computer today to keep my money from being sucked in this close to Christmas… In any case, it is an excellent post and earned a spot in my Yojimbo.

Great post on procrastination on the Tasty research blog. Here is a quote… “Why do people procrastinate? This is an effect psychologists attribute to “hyperbolic time discounting”: the immediate rewards are disproportionally more compelling than the greater delayed costs. In other words, Procrastination itself is the reward.“ So, how do people beat it? ”people are aware of their own procrastination and give themselves earlier deadlines to counter it. “ Good stuff. (via Paul Cone).

Been a while since I’ve seen some good ol’ Moleskine hackery but Santa must have handed out some little black books to well deserving GTD boys and girls this year. Easton Bond post his method involving Post It Tabs and some sharpies. Anabubla has some mighty purdy printable sheets you can stick in your Moleskine to get your GTD on. People are even taking beautiful photos of their wonderful black books.

Remainders 12.20.2006

While there are a million GTD apps out there these days, Actiontastic is really starting to stand out from the rest. While it wont switch me away from my system, it is clean, simple and very easy to pick up and start using. His latest release notes are worth a read as it makes it very clear on how to use the application and the basic principles of GTD. If you are looking for a good mac based GTD tool then you should check it out. (via Hawk Wings)

According to Giles at O’Reilly, the next version of Hog Bay Software’s full screen writing application WriteRoom will include the ability to use WriteRoom to edit text in any Cocoa-based application. According to Giles “That means that any form field in Safari can be edited, in glorious full-screen simplicity, using WriteRoom. Nice for posting to weblogs, but also pretty nice for composing and replying to messages in Gmail.” (via MacDevCenter)

Digg recently went through a radical redesign and I think it looks great. They have also added a bunch of new features. Kevin Rose outlines many of them in a video here.

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