The Knot

Bethany took the time to create a wedding page tonight for us at The Knot. Yet another place where you can find out all the deets on the big day.

Geek Gather and Blog

I get together on a regular basis with a group of other geeks, tech nerds and h@x0rs for something we call “Geek Gather and Munch”. Basically, it is a chance to hang out and talk tech and just, well, geek out. It is a whole lot of fun and we have pretty much had a gathering each month for almost a year now.

This past Gather, we decided to start to make things a little more formal and fun by getting a domain name and throwing together a blog where we can further dive into the depths of pure nerdom in front of a live and appreciative public audience.

It is still a very early work in process. Check it out here:

Geek Gather

The cool part is that, because it is in process and a lot of the discussion and decisions are being made in posts and comments so you get to see it being built right in front of you.

Moleskine Planners for 2007

The folks at Moleskine proprietors and aficionados Ninth Wave Designs have been kind enough to share a sneak peek at the new Moleskine Planners for 2007. They are introducing a whole bunch of new styles and options including a lovely new soft cover 18 month weekly in the half agenda half note page layout I have been waiting for. Modo & Modo (The makers of Moleskine) rolled this style out in limited edition before for the Italian book seller Feltrinelli for the 2006 models but alas they were not made available here.

The best part is, the 18 month version actually starts in late June 2006 so they will be available for purchase soon and I do not have to wait a whole year before using one. To say I am excited is an understatement!

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