I know by now you may be tired of hearing about my ever tweaking org-fu. Therefore, I will point you to someone else’s. Emory has posted a detailed whitepaper of how he uses a mixture of low and hi tech to get things done. He is a great writer and it makes for an interesting and entertaining read. We have a bit in common. Like me he is a big fan of Backpack but he uses index cards (hipster pda) on the low tech end. One of the many favorite quotes:

“Working with index cards lets me be immediately ready to view all of my current tasks and projects, immediately discuss anything I’m working on with a manager or peer, and let me immediately brief anyone on the status of Project Y without keeping myself at a distance by using a laptop, pda, or otherwise removing myself from the equation.”

I dare say he almost has me wanting to give index cards a try again.

GTD LoFi HiFi Whitepaper