Have you been considering quitting your job and striking out on your own? Phil Gyford has recently updated and expanded his excellent Beginners Guide to Freelancing. It is a little anglo-centric as he works across the pond but the basic themes are excellent and well laid out.

Lifehacker has a good roundup of 12 Killer Apps for Palm PDAs.

Back in the day, you know that day when all Macs were beige, Acta was a great little outliner for the Mac. Note quite a full featured as others but, for some, less was More (pun intended). Opal is a port of Acta for Mac OS X re-done from the ground up in Cocoa by the original developer. If you are looking for a great, straight forward outliner for the Mac with very few bells and jiggles, it is worth a look-see. (via TidBITS)

Here is a little GTD luv for the Ubuntu crowd – GTD with Linux, Gnome and Tomboy