Give your resumé a face lift @ LifeClever

I have to give Chanpory at LifeClever some props. He is turning out some consistently deft content. This post is no exception. I have designed quite a few resumés in my life. I am usually the go to guy for resumé design among my friends and family. I have read a lot about resumé design and practices. That being said, I have yet to read anything as straight forward, well explained and right on as this. This is one to print and save people.

Give your resumé a face lift

Boy I wish I had this a few days ago when my friend Matthew asked me for some tips.

Remainders 10.23.2006

Scrybe is a new, very promising looking, browser based web application with calendaring, to-do lists, notes and the amazing ability to work on all of this info offline and the changes are then synced the next time you have an internet connection. Oh, and they “get” paper as well and offer the ability to print your stuff out PocketMod style.

The Apple Blog takes a look at ways to extend the Mac OS X Address Book in “Address Book: Picked Last for Kickball

Here is a nice video profile on Apple’s site about the 37Signals crew. (via Daring Fireball)

For those of you using Googe Docs (formerly Writely), here are some useful keyboard shortcuts one can use to get around and do stuff. (via Lifehacker)

Remainders 10.18.2006

GTD cult members, unless you have been living under a rock somewhere, I am sure you have been listening to the Productive Talk series. You know, the one where Merlin Mann is interviewing David Allen of Getting Things Done fame? No? Well, what are you waiting for? Go listen to it now.

Doodle is an online service to help you easily pick a time and date for a meeting for small groups (via 43 Folders).

Looking to bend the will of the Palm OS into a mobile GTD solution? Tammy Cravit says a program called MemoLeaf is the way to go. See the break down in “Doing GTD With Memoleaf”.

EagleFiler is yet another Info Manager in the Yojimbo vein. The difference here is that it stores its library in a Finder format so the data is still in it’s original state and therefore can be used “in concert with the other tools in your Mac ecosystem”. (via Hawk Wings)

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