DIY Planner has a great starter guide for those interested in getting into fountain pens. I have always been tempted into getting one of these. The temptation has been especially recently as I have made a personal goal to do more journal writing. I actually had to close my browser and walk away from my computer today to keep my money from being sucked in this close to Christmas… In any case, it is an excellent post and earned a spot in my Yojimbo.

Great post on procrastination on the Tasty research blog. Here is a quote… “Why do people procrastinate? This is an effect psychologists attribute to “hyperbolic time discounting”: the immediate rewards are disproportionally more compelling than the greater delayed costs. In other words, Procrastination itself is the reward.“ So, how do people beat it? ”people are aware of their own procrastination and give themselves earlier deadlines to counter it. “ Good stuff. (via Paul Cone).

Been a while since I’ve seen some good ol’ Moleskine hackery but Santa must have handed out some little black books to well deserving GTD boys and girls this year. Easton Bond post his method involving Post It Tabs and some sharpies. Anabubla has some mighty purdy printable sheets you can stick in your Moleskine to get your GTD on. People are even taking beautiful photos of their wonderful black books.