Remainders 02.15.2007

37 Signals introduces Highrise (formerly Sunrise), their contact management solution.

Throw a few bones (seven of them to be exact) to the Electronic Frontier Foundation and pick up this nifty set of stickers. They are fighting for your digital freedoms after all. Plus it will give you a lot of geek cred. (via Boing Boing)

Gizmodo emeritus Joel Johnson has unleashed an editorial spanking that rips all the gadget sites a new one. It is nothing short of breathtaking. One of the most hilarious and spot on editorials I have ever read. (via Daring Fireball)

Zen Habits offers a great little tutorial – 3 Steps to a Permanently Clear Desk.

It has been a long dream of Princess Bethany and I to eat at world renowned restaurant The French Laundry. We have not been able to because they close for their winter break the same time as I am in the San Francisco/Napa area during Macworld every year. Perhaps we should do what this person is doing – Cooking every meal in The French Laundry Cookbook and blogging about it. If only I had the time… (via Megnut)

Remainders 02.10.2007

Multi-Touch on steroids… In the not so distant future, we will all interact with computers just like this. (via MacDevCenter)

Here is a great little video of how the way we are using computers in today’s Web Two-Point-Oh-no-you-didn’t! world is actually teaching the machine more about us. (Thanks Carly)

Interesting article about the construction of a “doomsday vault” in Norway designed to hold around 2 million seeds representing all know ieties of the worlds crops in case of catastrophic worldwide loss. (via WorldChanging)

Remainders 02.07.2007

Like the rest of the blogoshere, I am equally amazed, perplexed, shocked and awed by Steve Job’s essay against DRM called “Thoughts on Music“. This is a must read but I will summarize it as best I can – DRM is evil and only exists so the record companies can sell more CD’s which, Sony rootkits aside, have no DRM.

Kodak thinks they have found the “killer app” of of the personal printer world – ink prices. They have a new line of printers that, while slightly higher priced than their competitors, take replacement cartridges that are sold at a cost much lower than their competitors. the printers themselves look great, are full featured and reportedly give fantastic output. Printers have long been the “razor and blades” of the computer world – selling the hardware cheap and the consumables at prices that bordered on robbery. Therefore, this is a rather bold move.

Merlin Mann has a great introduction to Stikkit – a cool new web app that uses natural language processing to parse the data you put into it. Still confused? Go read the link and it will all make sense.

Web Worker Daily shares this good list of Skype tips for Web Workers.

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