LifeDev has a good write up of the Behance line of “Action” products. I just ordered up some of these and will be giving my own review once they arrive and I have had a chance to play. I have already been cooking up some good ideas as my current system is in a bit of flux right now.

Do you own a Mac? Are you using Quicksilver? No? Why not? If you have yet to drink the kool-aid then perhaps this Lifehacker series of videos showing off all of the cool things it can do will be all the push you need.

Also, if you are using a Mac and not using TextExpander then you need to grab another cup for another flavor of kool-aid. TextExpander will automate all of those things you type on a regular basis. If you find yourself typing the same things all of the time, you can use this to do the typing for you with just a few keystrokes. In addition, they have a new downloadable “snippets file” for regular html expressions. Coders take note, this will save you a TON of code typing. (via 43 Folders)

Google is continuing their march towards total world domination by offering a free 411 service. Just dial 1-800-GOOG-411 and one of their highly advanced automated robots will find the business you are looking for. No more high telco 411 fees. Yea! I personally welcome our Google Overloards. (via TechCrunch)

I have talked about my move towards using open source wherever possible before. Here is an unbelievably comprehensive list of open source software for Mac, Windows and beyond. (via Lifehacker)