When some people first start implementing GTD, they feel the need to run out and spends lots of cash getting chic notebooks, nice pens, expensive folders and labelers. While these things are nice to have you don’t need a lot of money to get started with a trusted system. Towards that end, Brett at the ever useful Cranking Widgets blog has a good tutorial on making a GTD system for about $20. Proof that is is about the system, not the tools.

Jott is the first truly killer web app I have seen in a while. It works like this – Call Jott, tell it who you want to send a Jott to, talk after the beep, the magic robot turns your words into text, robot sends your words as e-mail. Send a Jott to yourself, send one to others, all from your phone. Killer.

Wise Geek has some good tips on making your offline life a little easier. Some of my fave tips here include, keeping your essential items in one place, keeping a backup fund of cash hidden for emergencies, and saying “no”. (via Lindsay)