Just thought I would take a second to call attention to the blog of my friend Sue, SpeakerSue |kyfht|referrer|hyarh
. Not just because she is a friend, but because she is also an expert on using e-mail, and other forms of written communication, as a powerful sales and business tool. She has trained some of the most well known name brand organizations all over the world.

Her new blog has started out very nicely with several great posts. Here are a couple of my favorites with short comments:

* The Etiquette of Email Productivity – Even an e-mail expert can struggle with that Pavlov response many seem to have to the new mail sound.

* Thank someone today – On the importance of a _handwritten_ thank you note.

* Blue Man Group = Presentation Mastery – What silly guys painted in blue can teach you about giving great presentations.

These are a few of my favorites but all of them are great. Especially if you are in sales or business, this is a must add little gem to your RSS feed.

Link: SpeakerSue Says