The Levenger Store – Chicago

This past weekend, I was in Chicago for the wedding of a good friend. It has been many years since I was last in Chicago and being there with Princess Bethany was even better. Now, we did not have much time in Chicago proper but there was a nice gap in between the wedding, which was near Irvine Park and the reception which was downtown. This gave us a good hour or so of time to wander around downtown for a quick sightseeing. During this little foray we decided to walk through the famous flagship location of Marshall Fields ( note: I refuse to call it by it’s current name so don’t bother correcting me). I was not quite prepared for the treat that laid before me upon entering the door and what a treat it was. There, in Chicago, in Marshall Fields, was a fully stocked and staffed Levenger “store-whithin-a-store”. How did I not know about this before?

I was just floored. Astounded. Dumbfounded… For me, this was Mecca.

The store was stocked with, from what I could tell, the full catalog of Levenger goodness. The staff was amazingly knowledgeable and helpful. They even had a table where they helped you build a free Circa notebook. You could choose which page types, ring colors and add ons you wanted in it. Obviously this is simply a gateway drug to get you hooked on the product (as I already am) but it sure was effective. I built one in the Junior size (half letter size) with a nice mix of gridded pages, cornell style pages, some daily agenda pages and a pocket in the back. The staff person who helped me even mentioned that, if I called him directly, he can ship me anything in the store. Thereby avoiding Levenger’s onerous shipping fees. So, basically, I now have a personal shopper at Levenger. How cool is that!?

So, if you are in the Chicago area, and have a fetish for fine paper pr0n as I do, make a stop by. It will be well worth the time and may even be as religious of an experience as I had.

Remembering Roy

Roy was big for his breed, kind of dopey but very lovable. If Roy were a human, he would have been a laborer, like a handyman. Stocky, friendly and his pants just barely covering his bum. He would spend more time sitting around and shooting the breeze with you than doing the job at hand but there would be no way you could get mad at him because he would be so lovable. You would just chalk it up to Roy being Roy.

Roy liked to lick soft things, like stuffed animals, rugs and furniture. Once he started he would do this for hours. Licking compulsively as if unable to stop. Roy could not, given this fact, figure out why the cats did not want to play with him. When Roy slept, he would snore loudly and, every once in a while, he would whimper and twitch, obviously having a good dream, probably about licking the cats.

In the last few months Roy had a tough time. He was unable to walk, he lost control over his functions, his hearing was going and he seemed very frustrated and confused. We had to let Roy go to sleep today. I hope he is somewhere peaceful and licking cats.

Remainders 10.12.2007

More field notes from my internet safaris… had a great post about the ninja notetaking skills of Thomas Edison. This guy was a badass when it came to the art of paper and pen and his copious notes span five million pages. Both inspiring and daunting for sure but this article outlines some great take away advice.

I know these sorts of lists are becoming ubiquitous Digg-bait, but here is 24 things you can do with an index card – exactly 17 of which are really useful.

Here’s a great video of a casual talk that Merlin Mann gave at IDEO. He is looped up on cold meds so he is extra talkative. It is kind of funny actually.

Looking to outsource your life a la Tim Ferriss? Well, here are a couple of posts by someone who has. First covered is how to prepare for doing so. Then, another post covering actually doing it, the success and the pitfalls.

New site alert!!! Brassing Adds Character is a new blog devoted to paper pr0n and analog love. The first few posts cover Dixon Tri-Conderoga pencils and some Levenger hacking. Awesome!

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