Just wanted to take a brief moment for some self promotion. This weekend, I launched a redesign of the website for my technical consulting business, Machine Methods. Once again, a tip of the hat goes to my web design partner, friend and all around code ninja, Michael Armstrong.

For the design of the Machine Methods site, the idea was “one page, many purposes” . The majority of the information is on a single page – who we are, what we do, and how to contact us. Not only would this design function as a web page, when printed it would become a one sheet (8.5 x 11 single side) brochure that could be part of a promo packet. Then, when folded three way letter style and slipped into an envelope, when removed, the top of the page (as seen below) will be the first thing people see…


…Then, when unfolded, the page would be there in front of them appearing in the real world almost exactly as it does online. One page, many purposes.

As you can see, this site may be minimal and, therefore, may look easy to throw together, the idea I am going for and the execution of that idea are often complex. Because I often design for myself with a fairly limited and rigid constraint (i.e. only using text), a lot of thought and planning goes into how to make it look good and work well. It should not just be text thrown onto a page. And while the design may be minimal, the functions this design can serve are quite a lot. For instance, I could easily see a slightly modified version of the image above working as a quarter page advertisement in a newsletter or magazine.

So there it is, a little peek into my strange design brain. Take a look and, if you need some technical consulting, give me a jingle.