One of my favorite advertising campaigns of all time was from Apple (natch). It featured a number of Mac using celebrities giving a list in response to a simple question – “What’s |nsntt|referrer|kdreh
on your Powerbook?
“. What was great about this campaign was that it not only gave you an idea of what the product was possible of doing, it gave you the sense of what you could do with the product. That somehow, by buying this product, you too could write the next great American novel, a hit movie, or edit an award winning photo.

Well, in the spirit of that fine example, I challenge you to answer a similar question. It does not have to be comprehensive, just a sampling and there are no right or wrong answers.Are you ready? Good. I’ll start…

_”What’s in your notebook?”_

**The Notebook: Field Notes Brand Pocket Notebook**


– Notes from Edward Tufte, Presenting Data and Information conference.
– Recommended allocations for my 401K.
– Design idea for a new website.
– Early Childbirth Class notes.
– Stroller research.
– Weekend project list.
– Layout and amperages of my circuit box.
– Notes from first meeting with our Doula.
– Dimensions of the nursery closet.
– Phone number of a friend that I had not see in years that I ran into.
– Addresses/numbers/info of possible daycare providers.
– Notes from Minnebar 2008.
– Details and math on the offer on the house we have for sale.

There you have it. Like I said, it is just a sampling but it should give you a good peek into the sorts of things that have been ruling my life for the past few months. OK, now it’s your turn.

What’s in your notebook?

Leave the details in the comments…