Brassing Adds Character: Cheap Fountain Pens

My good friend Ryan over at Brassing Adds Character has a good little series of posts going right now about cheap fountain pens. How cheap? Well, yesterday he highlighted pens that can be had for .00 or less. Looking to spend a little more? How about a great budget writer for $30.00 or under? There are some fantastic suggestions, short reviews and tips in this series. If you are looking to get into fountain pens without breaking your piggy bank, these are must read lists. Be warned though, nice pens are addictive and that piggy bank will likely be broken into sooner rather than later.

Dash/Plus in Action

Almost two years ago to the date, I wrote a Productivity Whitepaper describing my complete GTD/Notetaking/Staying-on-top-of-stuff system at that time form top to bottom. I described a number of tools, applications, processes – Basically everything I could think of that got me through the day. Of all that I included in the post, nothing has seemed to catch on and resonate with people the way that my dash/plus Markup System has. Merlin Mann even referred to it as “sexy” in a post featuring my whitepaper on 43 Folders. Not a week goes by when I don’t see it mentioned in a post on someone else’s blog or I see it in actual use by a friend or co-worker. Here are some examples of how others have put it to use:

* Joe Ely posted about how he uses it for A Simple Index Card GTD System over at GTD Times. A nice little HPDA system he has set up for himself.

To save you the jump, the dash/plus system works a little like this…

In all, it really makes me feel all proud and puffed up to know that I started something that has proven so useful to many. If this blog were to get hit by a bus tomorrow, I would be satisfied with this accomplishment alone.

Are you using dash/plus? Do you have a blog? Have you posted about how you are putting it to use in your system? I encourage you to link it up in the comments.


Life has been kind of a whirlwind lately. Although I have several items in process for this site, my little experiment in blogging, I really have not had the time to sit down and put the finishing touches on a full post. Then again, if I don’t post for a while, those that follow me here, and don’t catch me at the several other places I peek my head out on the internet, start to make up stories about my horrible demise ( The incident with the meat grinder and the Shriner go-cart resulted only in a minor scratch. Honest.).

All is well, I promise, and new posts will be coming soon.

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