For many years, I have maintained a short list I like to call my Personal Manifesto. These are simply little statements that I believe as truth and try, despite my many failures, to live by. I review this list every so often, just to remind myself of what’s there and fact check my daily living against it.

Some of the items are original thought or distilled from a larger personal beliefs. Some are simply truisms I heard elsewhere, believe in, and I feel are important enough to deserve a place on the list. Therefore, I add to it occasionally. It is a “living” document that, while an important statement of some things I believe, is open to change and growth as I am.

Here is the current list:

* Don’t worry. Do. If nothing can be done, don’t worry.

* The past serves us only in having taught us the lessons needed to thrive in the present and strive towards the future.

* Time is very precious. More precious than money. One can always make more money but one can’t have back this moment… Or this one.

* Do not place blame with others. Instead, look inside yourself, recognize your own shortcomings and work to overcome them. That way, others may be able to learn to do the same.

* The courage to speak your own truth will free others and allow them to do the same

* Time not spent on the front end of a task will usually be double on the back end.

* Get over the need to make others happy and worry more about making yourself happy.

* Wisdom is knowing what to do. Skill is knowing how to do it. Virtue is getting it done.

* The strongest position in any negotiation is held by the person most willing to walk away from the table.

* In the tightrope of life, if you start to feel unbalanced, simply stop where you are and find your center.

* Travel as light as possible. Carry only what you need to have. 

* All notes, lists & ideas worth keeping should converge in one location, be readily accessible and easy to locate quickly.

* Reserve at least 1/2 hour before bed to read. This will help to sleep soundly and dream easily.

* Turn off the TV, turn the radio on more often and listen to more stations.

* Play games. They improve your cognitive response and focusing ability. Allow them to let you escape to other worlds.

In the coming days, I am going to explore many of the items here in depth. This is more of an exercise for me to flesh out these items a bit but It is also my hope that you, gentle reader, may find some value or inspiration herein.