I would be lying to you if I told you that all of the ideas for the latest version of patrickrhone.com sprang fully formed from my oversized noggin. It would also be a lie if i told you I was inspired by any single website or idea.

With that being said, here are some of the sources of the inspiration for this design:


I mentioned before that I was inspired by this post by James Bennett at B-List. What I have not mentioned is that I was also inspired by the idea of having navigation to last and next entires in a minimal way beneath the post itself:


**Ryan Tomayko**

In the post mentioned above, James Bennett references a post by Ryan Tomayko regarding minimalist design and what the great Edward Tufte refers to as “Administrative Debris. This was also a huge influence, especially in the arena of navigation choices:



Memo is a graphic design firm in New York City. I am really inspired by their website which features just a bit of contact info and pictures of their work, all on one single page:



Wow. How can one not have been inspired by the single page design concept for the last Seed Conference. Stunning in both the idea, execution and honoring the past while being fresh at the same time:


Of course, those are just a few. There are way too many to list them all here. These are just the ones that stand out the most to me right now. This is just my small way of saying thanks to all of the great web designers who continue to take great care with the craft and continue to inspire and impress.