Printers do not get a whole lot of attention when it comes to minimalist computing. After all, one should strive to be paperless right? But seriously, let’s get real. There are times when you do need to print something. Be it a document, directions, a photo – the paperless society is a myth right up there with Santa Claus and free beer. That said, printers are a complete scam. They are the modern version of the razor. Let me explain.

You see, at some point after you get to shaving age, a little box shows up in the mail. “What is this?” you say. Well, son, that there is the latest greatest ultra-quintuple razor with new and improved patented fast guard technology. It’s normally fifteen bucks if you buy it at the store but, today, it’s yours, free. Take it with our complements. Of, and here is a fifty cent off coupon for some blades when you need to replace them.

Well, it seems like a good deal until you find that the package of blades is two thirds the cost of the razor, and that you are going to be buying a lot of them…

Printers = Razors

Ink = Blades

This is one of the reasons I have been recommending the latest in the line of Kodak printers to a lot of my clients. They have come up with a more reasonable strategy – Sell the printers for a little bit more, sell the ink for a lot less, market the heck out of that:

I have had a chance to play with them quite a bit and, I can tell you, the quality is as good as anything else you can get in this area. They are also, in my opinion, nicely designed. I can say for sure that the next inkjet printer I get will be a Kodak.

While we are at it, a final printing tip – make sure you get a printer that can do duplex (two sided printing). Make it the default setting. Mother Nature will thank you (as will Mr. Miser).