“It is an attempt to loosen the mental blockages to recording information and to scrape away the tartar of convention that handicaps its retrieval. The solution is by nature noncomformist.”

I’ve written about Notational Velocity before. In fact, it was one of the first posts here on Minimal Mac. There is good reason for that. As applications go, it is the very definition of everything I believe minimalist computing should be. It has exactly the features it needs to have, the interface is focussed on the task at hand and driven by the keyboard, and it’s beauty is found in that simplicity.

This is the first update to the program in 5 years. The new version is ripe with new features but the ones added make sense, are useful, and in no way distract from the simple interface and data focussed experience. Some of the new features include:

  • Partial word by word search.
  • The ability to rename a note by long click in the list.
  • The option to save notes a single plain text files versus a database (making them available for Spotlight search)
  • AES Encryption.
  • Multiple column sort.

Most important of all for those that may want to extend or build tools to work with it:

  • Notational Velocity is now a BSD-licensed open source project, and is soliciting contributions from those that wish to help out.

That’s not even half of it. Fellow NV fan indood has posted a more comprehensive list on his site. I don’t even know where to begin on how happy I am about this. It really is an awesome program that just got a whole lot more awesome.

Oh, and the new website is just beautiful. Go. Check this out. Now!