Thought I would take a bit to share my absolute favorite minimal audio setup…

What you are looking at here is my iPod 5G connected through the auxiliary jack of my Tivoli PAL radio. This little setup has some great advantages and awesome sound. Obviously, the iPod could be substituted with any other player here. The real story is the PAL.

It is actually kind of magic how Tivoli has managed to make one speaker give rich, warm consistent sound that can fill a room. Don’t just take my word for it, go read some reviews of this thing. The sound is nothing short of amazing. It sounds similar to an old tube system. Not only that but, as you can tell using the iPod as a comparison, it takes up very little space. It is easily “portable” to take on a trip. Also, the PAL has a built in rechargable battery and rubber coated housing designed to be taken outside. Plus, of course, there is the option of unplugging the iPod and just listening to the radio.

If you have a small space and you want a quality sounding audio solution, that is affordable, it is hard to go wrong with this.