Last year, instead of standard resolutions for the new year, I committed to some small, achievable, and meaningful [modest goals]( instead. I did not want the stress of big and perhaps unachievable missions for the year. I simply wanted to make a commitment to doing a few things a little bit better. Before I publicly lay out what my modest goals are for the coming year (see future post), I will revisit this past year and provide an update as to my successes or failures:

* “I will learn and use keyboard shortcuts more and use the mouse and/or trackpad less.”_ – I have been working really hard at this and would call this largely a success. It is not perfect but I use key commands far more than before, especially in apps I use on a daily basis. I have made a conscious decision to learn the shortcut for any command I find myself doing more than once a day. Also, hiding toolbars and their associated buttons in certain apps has helped because I am then forced to pause a sec before trying to use them and think of the corresponding key command instead.

* “I plan to be much more mindful of the signal to noise ratio of my online life.”_ – Success here as well. I think my RSS feeds are better organized and more regularly trimmed and evaluated for usefulness than before. I have worked really hard to keep Twitter at a manageable level (I am very picky about my follows and regularly tuck and trim that list). Recently, I have been making a real effort to try to meet people in real life wherever possible. I have met some amazing people and had unbelievable opportunities through social networking. Certainly, the signal currently outweighs the noise.

* “Of course, the signal and noise argument cuts both ways. For this reason I will continue to post here according to the following criteria and schedule – Only when I think I have something of real and original value to add to the greater internet conversation.”_ – Yep. And I hope I added even more real and original value at [The Random Post]( and [Minimal Mac]( as well. Same plan for next year.

* “In addition, I will be adding regular and more reliably scheduled content over at my other project, [](”_ – If I had any failure for the year it was this one. I am actually rather perplexed by why it was not quite working on my part. I’m not sure if it was my general discontent with the idea of talking about things like creativity and productivity instead of simply “doing” or “making”. The other founders and I have had some conversation about the project in general and can’t seem to come to terms on where to go or what to do next to breathe life back into it. I sure would hate to see it just die but I’m not sure quite where to start with the CPR.

* “I will continue to seek ways to grow my consulting business into something that can reliably sustain me and mine.”_ – [Machine Methods]( is continuing to grow and I have done a lot of things I am proud of to help that. The majority of my business comes through word of mouth and I have been doing everything I can think of to maximize that while at the same time testing new marketing methods.

* “As is the case with many a couple, Princess Bethany’s resolutions and goals are, by proxy, mine as well. Towards that end, I also will work towards a better appreciation for our home.”_ – Not everything we had hoped is done but many things are and my appreciation has grown. [Our new library]( sure is a nice place to spend time.

In a while, I will post the modest goals I have set forth for this coming year. Stay tuned…