I want you to consider performing the occasional act of kindness on an regular and ongoing basis. Start today. Here are some ideas:

* The next time you see a car parked at an expired meter, if you have a quarter, stick it in.

* Have a full “buy some/get one free” punch card for your local coffee establishment? Give it to a random person in line.

* Hold the door or elevator for someone coming.

* On a toll road, pay for the car behind you.

* Buy flowers and give them to someone. Perhaps even someone random.

* Simply tell someone that they look good that day, or their dog is really cute, or their kid has good manners.

* Leave the book you just finished reading in a public place with a note to say it’s free for the taking.

* Write a thank you card or letter to someone “just because”.

What I aim to suggest you put in motion here is karma. Karma is the based on the idea of cause and effect and that ones actions have an effect on the past, present, and future. The positive and good actions you put out into the world will, in turn, make the world as a whole a better place, thus benefiting you. Karma is often thought of as good deeds one does for the benefit of others. But that is only half the story.

If you have any level of basic compassion, and a bit of natural human selfishness, you will do such things because they have the immediate effect of making you feel good as well. Do not be ashamed of this being part of the motivation. It’s OK. Really. It’s alright to do something for someone else because it makes you feel better. Because, in turn, your good feelings will reflect and spread to others who care about and encounter you as well. The karma is instant and is supposed to travel in both directions. That’s the whole point.