Everyone knows I have more ideas and websites than I do time. Therefore, here’s a gift to the makers of the world. Here is a free website idea that I’ve had for a while and I’m giving it away. For free. I welcome anyone to take it and run. And by all means, let me know when it is up. OK, ready? Here you go…

I would love a site that asks folks for screenshots of preferences, for ious programs, and asks them to explain why they have things set up that way. I’ll go first.

Application: TextEdit

Why?: For me, Plain text is the most basic building block one can use to start something special. I like to get the words down in a format that is easily transportable and upgradeable.

Window size is important. Needs to be long enough to seem like a page but only wide enough to allow one to have two windows side by side. As well as plenty of space around them.

While Menlo is a perfectly fine monospace font, I’m always on the search for one I like more. That said, Helvetica has never left me with longing.

Author? Well who else could that be? I’ll decide the copyright later. Rights are not something my people have not had for very long. I still don’t feel I have a strong grasp of what they really mean.

Thank the closest deity for spellcheck. You and I both know I should check grammar as well but English is a nuanced language and I often disagree with the rules. Speaking of rules, rulers are good when formatting a page, especially if you care how they print. And copy and paste should be smart. As should text replacement.

Update: Wow. That was fast. So was this. Note to self, one or two people actually read this site.