We live in the future. You know that, right? To show you the proof, I’m going to start regularly posting examples starting with this one:

I started out listening to the new Radiohead album this morning in the shower on my iPhone plugged into the auxiliary jack of my Tivoli radio which lives on the bathroom shelf.

I got out, toweled off, unplugged the iPhone from the Tivoli, stuck in my headphones, and continued to listen as I made my way upstairs. Once upstairs I removed the headphones and, using AirPlay, continued broadcasting right where I left off to the speakers connected to my Airport Express.

I got dressed, checked my email (on the iPhone), packed up my brief bag, then headed downstairs but only after switching the playing to the speakers there. Then, as I left the house, I plugged the iPhone into my car adapter and continued listening on my drive.

All of this using a music player that is also an advanced communications device and computer that gives me access to more information than I could ever possibly want to know and fits in my pocket.

The future is now.