The solution to conquering fear is increasing trust. There is a structural tension between the two.

Outfitted with the same equipment and halfway up a high cliff, the experienced rock climber is in as much danger of falling as one with a fear of heights. Theoretically, they should be equally afraid of falling. When we look down we all see from the same perspective. Yet the climber simply looks ahead for the next step higher while the acrophobe can’t shake the possibility of dying. The difference is their level of trust in the rope, the harness, the belay, and, most importantly, themselves.

I watch my daughter balance on the two inch wide arm of a chair. I watch her traverse a three inch wide retaining wall. All without assistance and perfect balance. Put her on a five inch wide balance beam at circus class and she hesitates and reaches out to the teacher for assistance. I ask her why this is and she says, “The other kids make it wobbly”. She trusts the equipment. She trusts the teachers. She trusts herself. She does not trust the other kids.

We all have obstacles we would like to overcome. To do so we must increase our trust. Focus not on fear but on faith.