This is a heads up that I’m going to be changing the way I approach Twitter for the foreseeable future. Here is the new plan:

  • I will be treating my stream more like a microblog. I will be posting updates mainly through Reeder, Quotebook, Birdhouse, etc. This is an attempt to improve the quality and the value of the stuff I’m sharing. I want to share things that I think will add value to your precious and limited time. My hope is that you will find it worth the interruption and I will evaluate what I post based on that criteria alone.
  • I will only be dipping into my “stream” of folks I follow occasionally and will not be “catching up” by reading all the things I’ve missed. Therefore, I will likely miss some things. Which is OK. I need to reduce my fear of missing out by missing out. That said, if you feel that something requires my attention (i.e. Is it worth the interruption for me?) then I welcome your @reply, cc, or mention. I’ll be checking those for sure (see below).
  • As I do with my email, I will be responding to @replies and Direct Messages in batches and only for a certain time period every day. Unlike my stream, I will be “catching up” and reading all of these. That said, only @replies and Direct Messages that I feel require a response will receive one.

My intention is not to be aloof, condescending, or out of touch. My intention is to try this on for a while and see if it improves the value and quality for all involved. Most of all, it allows me to turn my focus to what I feel is my mission here on this rock, writing and curating.