As I said in my review of the book, Turning Pro is an essential message for anyone ready to take the next step. Those who are currently living an amateur life or toiling away in a shadow career and are on the verge of staking everything they have, doing the work, and devoting it all to their passions and the dreams.

Is this you?

Are you a writer but working in a cubicle job to pay the bills? Are you an artist but working in tech support because you don’t think your work will sell? Are you looking to be your own boss instead of being bossed around?

Are you ready to do the work? Work that is purposeful and authentic? Work that is true to who you are and the offerings you wish to make to this world?

Then you need this book.

I have two copies to give away to the people that need it most. To find them, I have assembled a panel — Myself (Professional Author and Essayist), Shawn Blanc (Professional Writer and Technology Pundit), and Myke Hurley (Professional Podcast Producer). We all know what it takes to turn pro and what the life before is like. We all know what it takes to fight the resistance and fear and to take that next step.

Here is how we will do this:

  • Pros have a plan and we want to hear yours. Send an email via this link and explain where you are in your work life right now and how you plan on Turning Pro.

  • Emails will be accepted until one week from today (June 20th, 2012 — June 27, 2012). Any coming past this date will be automatically deleted.

  • The panel will review those entries and notify both winners via email reply to their entry by July 1st, 2012. In this reply I will request shipping information for the book and will send it out that week.

OK. Got it? Do you need this? Are you ready for it? Let me know.