I’ve been toying with the idea of committing to daily posting on patrickrhone.com for one of my intentions for 2013. Believe it or not, this has been one of the hardest things I’ve ever considered doing. The reason: Fear of failure.

You see, I don’t know how guys like Seth |hiynd|referrer|kynhy
or Randy Murray do it. I don’t know how someone manages to post something great, insightful, inspiring, or otherwise interesting 5–7 days a week. My “muse” does not operate with that level of consistency. Theirs does (or at least seems to). I’m afraid that most of what I post won’t be good.

I’m also afraid that I’ll miss the mark. That by committing to a certain timeline that, on the first day I fail to meet that, I’ll feel incredibly guilty about it or, worse, wont feel that bad and allow myself to skip more. That, by doing so, I’m letting both myself and others down.

Then, there is the thought that I will have to post something long. That 250 words or a paragraph or a single sentence with a thought going through my brain would be met with ridicule or slight (more so of myself than others I’m sure).

Yet, ultimately, these are all excuses. These are the resistance trying to marginalize my art. This is The Fear waging war with The Work — and I’m letting Fear win.

But, ultimately, everything we do involves commitment and facing our fears. Every future moment is one full of unknowns and uncertainty. When we go to bed at night, there is no certainty we will awake. When we set our first foot on the floor the next morning, there is no guarantee the other will follow.

Therefore, the only thing I can do here is to face my fear head on. To allow myself to embrace the uncertainty and to tempt the failure. To embrace the possibility that most of it will be bad but that doing it is the only way to get better.

It starts right now.