Most of us have fixed routes. We are stuck in grooves and paths. From these we rarely stray.

I’m sure that path from home to work, or the store, or the gas station, or the park, or the cabin — the one you always take — was chosen for a good reason. It was the the fastest, or the most sensible, or the safest, or the most direct. So, now, you take it without even thinking about it. You often get to your destination without even remembering the drive. It is the way you go. Why? Because, it is the way you go.

Then, there are the paths you follow simply because they are set for you. You looked at the map and followed the directions. The arrow pointed that way down the trail. That was the way everyone else was going. You were just following the crowd. You take these ways because, well, that’s the way they told you to go.

Of those that visit Yellowstone National Park, for fun, over 80% never stray from the pavement. Almost 99% never stray from the path more than a quarter mile on either side of it. That means, there is a Yellowstone that only 1% ever see. It is waiting to be discovered.

I bet there are a dozen different ways for you to get from your home to anywhere you want to go. I bet you have never ventured more than two blocks on either direction on your path to work. I bet there are whole neighborhoods in your city or town that you have never passed through. I bet there is a bar, or a store, or a restaurant there that you have never been to. I bet there are interesting things to be found when you ignore the directions. I bet if you choose to go the opposite direction of the crowd, others will wonder why and be inspired to follow. I bet you will all see new things, things waiting to be discovered, if you take them.

If you got lost and found your way here, your free will donation of any amount will let me know it was worth the diversion from your regular path. Travel safely.