No Limits

Stop raising bars. Stop pushing envelopes. Stop stretching limits.

Because, you see, here’s the problem…

Whenever you raise a bar, you create one to be raised.

Whenever you push an envelope, you believe one exists to be pushed.

Whenever you stretch a limit, you acknowledge that one is there.

What if there are no limits to stretch?

What if there are no envelopes to push?

What if there is no bar to raise?

If the bar was real how could you raise it?

If the envelope was there how could you stretch it?

If there was a limit, how did you push pass it?

Perhaps, the fact that you were able to raise, push, or stretch is proof that these things were not there in the first place?

What if you lived a life where these things did not exist? What you that look like? What would that feel like?

Wanna find out? It’s easy.

Live your life like there are no limits and no one will be able to stop you. There will be nothing to hold you back and nothing to push against. There will be no way for anyone to stand in.

The only limits are the ones we create. So, stop creating them.

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Shaping The Light

Think about a lightbulb. Soft, white, diffused light. It speeds in all directions, illuminating the room. Unfocused.

Now, place a mirrored cup around that same light, point the cup’s opening at a specific point, and now you have a spotlight. Focused in one direction.

Now, start to constrain that opening. Shape it as a cone. You have a beam. A laser. A beam powerful enough to burn a hole in any object it is directed at. Extreme focus.

Same energy. Just shaped in different ways. And, once shaped, its strength, intention, and purpose is changed.

This is you. This is your time. This is your attention. This is your energy.

The same energy that you currently spread amongst the many tasks you are now doing, can be focused to put a real, deep, burning, hole right in the center of the one thing you should be doing.

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Choose Your Own Adventure

Stop. Just for a second. Don’t think about anything you have to do next. Take a moment to realize and be present, fully, in this moment. Look around you and admire it. Check in with each of your senses and note what they are feeling. Realize that it is the only time that really exists. Every moment that passes is gone. Every one to come has yet to occur. That coming moment (and the one after it and the one after that) are not guaranteed. That is what makes this one so special. This is why we should recognize and appreciate it’s uniqueness.

But here’s the paradox. Each one of the moments before was equally unique. And we were led to it by the moment before that one. This moment is a consequence of the choices we made in all of the last. And no matter how sure you were those choices would lead you here, they just as easily could have led you to a sudden, unexpected, death.

The fact is that from the moment your warm feet hit the cold floor this morning you have ventured into a vast unknown. Anything could have happened. Yet you ventured forth anyway. You took that next step. And every step was a new opportunity to set your path. Every breath a subconscious decision to keep breathing. Every action a choice to do what you have always done or make a change. And, in reality, you had no real knowledge or control of any of it.

So, let’s take some time to celebrate that. Living life takes strength and courage and fearlessness and boldness to face such choices. Perhaps dozens big and small, each moment. Some smart, some crazy, some daring, some predictable. Yet none, do we know for certain, will lead to another. We have only hope that it will, so we choose to keep on despite that fact.

This moment is the only one we have to make the choices that guide the next, when and if it comes. In this moment we can decide to change our life. Or, we can decide to keep it just as it is. But we get to choose. In this moment, and only this moment, we get to choose our own adventure.

Writing is how I choose to contribute to life’s great adventure. If these words help you make the next best choice, please let me know by contributing here.

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