I warned you that this week may hold less of the regular material I write here and more of the “My Family Vacation” sort and so, well, here it is.

Spent the Disney day at Epcot today. Got there about a half hour before the park opened. The crowds were pretty light which worked out really well. Almost everyone headed for The Land pavilion due to some hot new attraction there. We headed to The Seas and had the place virtually to ourselves for at least a full hour. The story time with Crush was funny and very well done. The Nemo ride was pretty good too. But, the highlight, was the dolphin tank.

As, stated, when we first entered we were the only ones there. We went up to the glass and, a few seconds later, one of the dolphins swam by and I threw him a little wave. Well, he saw it and immediately turned tail and came nose up to me, Bethany and Beatrix at the glass and smiled. Then, he swam away and came back with his four other dolphin friends who put on a show right at the glass just for us literally inches from our face. At this point one of the trainers came out and told us their names. He let us know that they not only saw us but could hear us talking, that they knew we were talking about them, and that they were, in fact, showing off for us. This went on for a full 20 minutes. It was magical.

The rest of the day was spent in the World Showcase. This is the section of he park where they have designed highly realistic and idealized reproductions of various countries. A good chunk of our time here was spent in the England and France areas because of the high percentage of Princess meet and greets. Beatrix got a chance to see and have her picture taken with Snow White, Cinderella, Belle, Alice, Mary Poppins, and her favorite of all, Rapunzel. Basically checking all of her favorites off of the list. Big win.

Once again, the attention to detail and the level of customer service and quality can’t be overstated. Even the various “countries” are staffed by people from those actual countries. Very impressive all around.

Tomorrow, we will spend the day in Animal Kingdom and see the Cirque du Soleil show La Nouba in the evening (and have a backstage tour arranged there) should be a great day.