The next time you are ready to take a vacation, let everyone know you will be gone. Perhaps in some exotic locale, deep in the wilderness, or far off the grid. So far that you wont be able to check your email, answer your mobile phone, or "check in" on any social networks. You wont have any vacation photos to share when you return because you’ll be leaving your camera behind. Perhaps drop the hint that the place you are going is so cool, so hip, that to tell any stories about it when you return could never truly describe or in any way live up to "being there".

Then, no matter where you go, no matter how much opportunity to do otherwise really does exist where you are going, do exactly that.

The only person you need to check in with is yourself and the people you are with. The only camera you need to preserve these memories are your eyes. The only call you need to answer to is that of the wild beyond. The only thing you need read are the signs pointing you to your destination.

Because, once you have done this, you are truly ready to experience something that you have probably not had for a while — freedom. That is a destination all on it’s own. Even if you go no where at all, you will have had more of a vacation, in the true sense of the word, than you likely have in years.

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