Noun: A group of people or things having similar characteristics: “all kinds of music”.
Adjective: Having or showing a friendly, generous, and considerate nature: “a kind woman”.

Kind is a word I use a lot. If you have ever sent me a complementary email or have done something nice for me online, I usually will thank you for your kindness. If you say something overly great about me, I may modestly say you are being too kind.

There is a reason I choose this word, specifically. It is because of it’s duality of purpose as both noun and adjective and to encompass both meanings at once.

When a deed is done that is kind, I hope to make such kindness a part of my being as well — to be a person as the same kind of the doer. Its meaning here embodies the word as noun. I also, in the same action, embody the word as an adjective and use it in reply thusly.

Furthermore, from a faith practice perspective, the idea and act of loving-kindness is one that is central to my beliefs.

All of this is to say that I tend to choose the words I use, especially in writing, carefully. If you see me use a word or phrase often, it is likely chosen for its specific meaning.

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