Sometime in the past, I put a wish out into the world. I can’t even remember when. It was out there, somewhere on the Internet, where a friendly soul might happen by it and respond. The wish was that this site be mobile friendly. I did not have the knowledge on how to go about it and trying to learn by researching online only led me to articles that made my head hurt. So, I put it on my list of future needs and there it stayed.

A couple of days ago, my friend Chris Bowler mentioned he had seen my wish some time ago and had, simply out of good will and wanting to do a kind deed, done some mock ups of some possible mobile friendly modifications that could be made to the site. They were all stunning, yet still, I did not have the skill to make heads or tails of how to use them. So, he offered to do it for me. No strings attached.

To say I’m grateful would be an understatement for sure. Gobsmacked my be more appropriate. Such kindness is so increasingly rare in this world. Yet, if you are reading this in a mobile browser you can see it in evidence.

So, thank you Chris Bowler for going above and beyond an act of kindness with your responsiveness. It means so much to me.

And, if you do read this on a mobile browser, Chris has an excellent site that is worth supporting and you should thank him for it by becoming a member.