I’m pretty tired and it has been a long day. Therefore, just a quick post of a few things that I’ve mentioned before but still am finding delightful.

  • Path— Still using Path to log many of my daily travels and life moments and share them with a small group of my close friends. It is the one place I feel safe posting almost anything.

  • 1Password — Specifically, the built in web browser in the iPad version of the app has been really helpful in a iety of ways. If I know I’m going to visit a website on the iPad mini and it will require I enter a password, credit card, or fill out some personal details, I don’t launch Mobile Safari. I go straight to 1Password.

  • Poster for iOS — I would not have been able to keep up this daily posting routine without it. Still a wonderful app for blog posting from an iOS device.

  • Day One — Been using this a lot more lately for capturing ideas as I’ve begun work on my next book. Especially love the quick capture menu bar widget in the desktop version. Been really handy. I also use Slogger to capture all my blog posts, social network updates, Pinboard links and Instapaper favorites. So, it is basically keeping an Internet travel log of sorts for me too. Really like this app.

  • Drafts — It’s like a Swiss Army knife for text. I’m a writer. Of course I love the hell out of it. And, like a Swiss Army knife, it is not my primary weapon. But it is the one I always I turn to in a pinch and it never fails to rise to the task with yet another obscure, yet useful, thing it can do.