Yesterday night, as I was driving home, I happened to catch an in-studio performance on Radio K of a band I had not heard of before. I do consider myself generally in touch with current music and even the local music scene but these guys were a complete revelation to me. Their name is Bomba de Luz.

After hearing the interviews with the band and hearing them play through a couple of songs, I was smitten. The music is big and deep and evocative. The lead singer, Lydia Hoglund, reminds me very much vocally of a female Jeff Buckley. Her voice has amazing tone and range. It floats and soars over the melody like the breeze just before a coming storm. The other musicians are all excellent too. Within you will hear folk, rock, jazz, and influences ranging from from Joni Mitchell to Radiohead.

I immediately bought both their self titled debut album, Bomba de Luz and their even better current offering, What A Heavy Weight. Both are highly recommended.

But, you don’t have to take my word for it, listen to the tracks below and hopefully you will be equally impressed.

Oh, did I mention these guys are all still in high school? High friggin’ school! Boy do these kids have a future ahead. I, for one, will be listening closely to see where they go. You should too.

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