I have not been following my own advice. I have been taking on and/or agreeing to too many projects. Some of these I’ve been actively working on. Others, I have agreed to and have put mental energy into but have been putting off — too embarrassed to walk away from. I feel like I would be letting others down. The truth is, I’m only letting myself and those other projects that are truly important and take and deserve far more attention from me down even more.

This usually happens when I start getting deeper into writing a book. It is quite the vortex. It begins to swirl and consume all of my creative energy until there is none left for anything else. That is what is happening now.

Therefore, I’m going to spend this weekend contemplating my obligations like one contemplates a bonsai tree. Then, as in bonsai, I’m going to strategically prune that too long list to promote the beauty, energy, and health of what remains.