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weather is really affecting my mood. While the rest of the world is enjoying spring, we here in Minnesota continue to have temps in the 30s. It is grey and cold and has been snowing off and on for 10 days now. Including what amounted to a full on blizzard three days ago. And when it is not snowing it is freezing rain and sleet and cold. And, while, such is not unheard of in Minnesota, it is unusual. It seems even the heartiest of our citizens are cranky and tired of it. Myself included.

I’m supposed to run my first half-marathon next weekend. The amount of training I’ve done so far? Next to none. I loathe treadmills and I flat out refuse to go outside and run in this. I figure if the day comes and I’m not ready for it, it is my first half. Anything I do will be my personal best. I would rather walk 13.1 miles (which I know full well I can do) than spend another minute outside in this weather.

The upside has been that it has been causing me to write a lot more than I normally make the time for. Quite frankly, writing is an inside and, in many ways, escapist activity. When I’m writing I forget about the weather and the other activities I should be doing instead. Writing allows me to lose myself in the work.

Sorry about the whining. I just needed to get it off my chest and state a bit of how I am right now. It’s sometimes really hard to inspire and motivate others when one cannot do so for oneself. Perhaps getting this off of my mind and heart will clear the way other more positive emotions. I can only hope so because right now I’m just kind of "meh".