I’ve missed a couple of days this week in my daily posting. Mea culpa. What can I say? One should not dwell on such things. The world didn’t end after all. One picks up and moves on…

But, what exactly do we pick up? What do we pick up from failure? Even when it is mostly ourselves we’ve failed? What do we move on with?

Hopefully, we pick up lessons learned. We move on with the knowledge learned from these.

For me, I think part of my failure to honor my commitment here is not a lack of writing or things to write about. It is, in fact, that right now I have too much to write about. I’m actively writing two books that are greatly related. One of them is released and people have paid for. Therefore, my head space dwells mostly in that subject area. The writing I do around this is committed to these two projects such that I have nothing left in me to be shared here.

One of the things I have learned from running is that, in training, you always want to end your run feeling like you have a “bit left in the tank”. In other words, that you could go a little bit further if you wanted to. The fact is that I have not been doing this with my mental energy. I’ve been reaching the end of my day empty.

I think the solution may be to change my strategy a bit. Perhaps to share some of the research and process and ancillary thinking that is going into the other work. Perhaps seeing some of this will be useful and revelatory to you. Perhaps it may even help you in your own work.

I’ll try that for a while and we’ll see.