I love them. Ever since I picked up the running bug a couple of years ago I’ve found that it is my favorite time to run.

Just got back from a short but fast 2.5 mile jaunt. It was pretty hot today (mid-90s) but has cooled off to a very comfortable mid 70s this evening. There is a light cool breeze blowing fairly steady. There was a gorgeous crescent moon in the sky and what I believe to be Procyon shining bright just southwest of it’s tip.

The street I run on1 is a very popular street for runners and walkers. And, why not, it is a perfect bouled for running. Fairly straight, moderate inclines and declines, and super easy to gauge pace and distance. It is also is beautiful and full of well maintained Victorian era mansions. So, it is no surprise that it is well trafficked during the day. But at night, after 10pm or so most days, it is pretty quiet. When I run at this time, despite the occasional car or bike or pedestrian, I feel like I have it all to myself.

I find this is my best time to think during my run. To just let my mind go or concentrate on my breathing. Especially lately as I have been feeling rather off. A good night run makes me feel a bit more on.

  1. For those familiar with Saint Paul, I run on Summit Avenue. Here are some facts that even most locals don’t know about Summit Avenue. Beginning at Dale St. and going all the way to Cretin Ave., every stoplight is a half a mile (So, Dale to Victoria is a half mile. Dale to Lexington is a full mile). There are four blocks between each stoplight. This makes each block 1/8 of a mile. Therefore, if you are running quarter mile intervals, you know it is on/off every two blocks. Final pro tip: From the corner of Dale to the first crosswalk at Saint Thomas and back is exactly 10k.