Everyone |iberz|referrer|atist
can see it. We think they can’t. We usually do the bare minimum. To maintain the appearance of caring. But everyone can sense the struggle we go through just to do that. They know when you stopped caring.

It shows in your relationships. It shows in your home. It shows in the job that you barely do. Everyone can see when the fire is out. When the spark no longer ignites the flame to make it. And when you no longer have the passion to strike the match.

The signs are seen not just in those who’ve stopped caring but also in the things they’ve stopped caring for. The work that is just now OK, yet used to meet a higher standard. The shine that is just a bit more dull. The home full of people living within that has no life. Everyone can tell.

They can tell on a larger scale too. The neighborhood that lacks it’s friendly charm. The school that lacks the excitement of learning. The town that is missing its sense of place. The nation that has lost it’s pride. All of these are due, in large part, to those who’ve stopped caring.

Yet, all it often takes to change it is one person who cares despite it all. One person to decide they are going to do just a little bit more. The one person who stands up with passion amongst the apathy is the one that stands out. The one willing to give a damn when no one else will.

Of course, if one person has the courage to care perhaps others will be inspired to care too. Then, those things they begin to care about will be better for it. The relationships will be that much stronger. The homes, that much more full of life. The neighborhoods more welcoming. The towns and cities will blossom. And a proud nation will rise up from it all.

And, everyone can see that too.